Monday, November 01, 2004

Tomorrow's The Big Day!!!!

I am busily deciding what I should wear for the occasion tomorrow. It's too cold for a straw hat so I should go with the grey felt. That means I should wear the navy blue overcoat. Pity, I was hoping to break in the light brown camelhair! This of course means that the brown wingtips go back in the closet and the black and white wingtips need to be polished! So many things to do!

I know all of you are just as excited about tomorrow. If you are not, then you should be. This is what being an American citizen is all about; choosing a person who will best represent our interests in government. This is what all other rights boil down to and what a Federal Republic can not function properly without. It is our chance to point our fingers at a person and say "You are IT! Make it good!"

If, by some remarkable fluke, you are not yet decided whom you will vote for, stay home tomorrow and play with a toaster in the tub for you are obviously too lazy to inform yourself and you apparently lack any conviction or principle. For the rest of us, Right and Left, get out there tomorrow and do what Americans do best. Whether Liberal or Conservative, if you are going out and take your rightful hand in the conduct of this nation, investing in America's future tomorrow based on your ideals and conscience; I applaude and thank you.

Just remember to comb your hair and get those pearly whites a'gleaming. Ladies, wear your smartest dresses and all of you fellows try to look respectable. Tomorrow we celebrate the American way and the whole world is watching you.