Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Where Is This Blog Going?

As you have all noticed by now, I have not been posting alot about things political. There is a reason for this. Since the election I have not felt the need to comment on political matters as, frankly, there are those sites out there that do it much more abley and intelligently than I.

I never really did get into the nuts and bolts of the issues anyway. I really only stated my humble opinion and provided the reasoning behind my stance as best I could. Now that the election has been relegated to antiquity and issues are more or less on simmer, I find myself worrying over what I should post. This wasn't an issue before I had readers, but now I have all of you friends to consider....what can I post that would interest you? What can I post that would make your visit to my site rewarding?

I would actually like some input from you all. Do I continue with the musings? Is there some other alternative to just politics that I have not considered?

I will still comment on news items that catch my attention, but it probably will not be a daily feature of this site. So unless I get some ideas (pretty please?), I will continue with the fluff and anecdotes.

Or maybe I should start posting short stories??? LMAO