Thursday, December 30, 2004

A Sad Day For Me

Another little piece of my life has disappeared today. One of my favorite musicians died today. I guess that it is only to be expected when you consider that the music I listen to ceased to be popular half a century ago. That fact only makes the few living connections to that period all the more important, however.

Swing and jazz legend Artie Shaw died today. A great musician, an author, a supreme intellectual, a World War Two veteran, and a true Liberal back when being liberal was about correcting social injustice....not imposing it.

He was not a perfect man. He was the first to admit it. But his music made me happy and I thank him for it. I remember the first Artie Shaw tune I ever listened to, way back in 1984. It was Do I Love You, Helen Forrest sang it like only she could. My Tigers won the World Series that was a good year.

I think I'll take advantage of the quiet and listen to some records.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A Full Plate

I'm a heck of a lot busier on the internet than I ever imagined that I would be. But it's fun and I'm able to help out some friends, which is what it's all about anyway, right?

Not only do I have the ol' Steiner Aid to look after (which is my first love, seeing as how it's where I've put so much of myself), but I am also a moderator on U.S. where I meet up with so many great people, even if some of them are a little rough around the edges....come on, they're paratroopers not diplomats.

And now, I am a contributing writer on a new blog. Don't Thank Me, Thank My Recruiter is a new MilBlog that consists of a number of servicemen and veterans who will give their own little slant on current events. I think of it as kinda a internet American Legion. It should make for some interesting discussions.

Anyway, I'm having a ball with this whole blogging thing! And I'm learning alot about computers, heh.

Monday, December 27, 2004

That's It?

After all of that build up. After all of the anticipation. After all of those weeks of preparation and decorating.....endless weeks of my son begging and pleading to open up his gifts. Christmas 2004 is now over. In the past. History.

Christmas has always been the source of my favorite memories. The food, songs and atmosphere. A time when everyone seems a little nicer; when even the very air seems cleaner. Even the more cynical of you know what I am talking about.

And it's all over with so quickly. Much too quickly. I need Christmas to last a few days at least.

All American week at Ft. Bragg, celebrating the 82nd Airborne lasts longer than the celebration of the birth of the Christ. That just seems backward to me. Christmas seems to me like a passing train. It makes noise and causes the ground to tremble for a long time, yet it's actual passing is mere moments. And you are so caught up in the event that you don't have any time to notice much of what the train looks like. The train is passed and gone before you come to your senses.

Maybe I should just stop whining and buy a video camera.

Anyhoo, we had a blast. All of the family was there. Laughter and food was the order of the day, the food was as good as ever, but I can never get enough of the laughter.

My boy still can't get the overwhelmed look off his face....that's what I treasure the most, that he had a wonderful time.

Friday, December 24, 2004

If Only I could....

...Give a special gift to every person who has blessed my life since I started this crazy blogging thing, but alas I can't.

They say that it's the thought that counts, so perhaps I can express my deep and profound thanks and a fervant wish for a happy Christmas to all of my friends here in the blogosphere and it might, in some small way, serve instead.

Toke, Mr Minority, Humble Devildog, Guy S., Bonfire, Wallace, Christopher, Beth, Mike, MommaMontezz, Steve, Steve, Chase, Kyer, Christian, Pat in NC, Rebel Rouser, SGT V., Jumper208, CAL, Ripcord, Recon, Sticky, Jen, ParaCowboy......and everyone who I didn't mention by name (There are so many of you, God be thanked!)

May you have the happiest Christmas of your lives. May God bless you and your families that you should know happiness, health and safety all of your years. May prosperity and peace through Christ reign in your homes....and in your hearts.

And to our servicemen at home and abroad, I pray the soldier's prayer....that you fight honorably until your objective of peace is realized. I thank you for the sacrafices you make. I thank you for giving your all so that most Americans will never fully know what it means to be at war...this is your gift to us, and we are all thankful. God Bless You And Keep You. God comfort the families you left behind. I pray that you all may know some small, quiet time this season where you can celebrate the birth of our Lord in peace with your brothers and sisters in arms.

Thank you all and merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

A Special Christmas Wish

I am flabbergasted to learn this morning that my friend Wallace of the Big Gold Dog will be spending the holiday in the hospital. His wife reports that he is well now but that it could have been very serious indeed. I was wondering if we could all get together and remember Wallace and his family in our prayers. I would really appreciate it, as of course, Wallace and his family will.

Thank you all.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Funny Cuz It's True

This is something I saw over at the Drink This Blog. A perfect insight of the ACLU's attitude toward christians. If you haven't seen it yet, you must.

Thanks Tall Glass of Milk!

Sometimes Things Just Don't Go According To Plan....

I've had my share of crazy predicaments in my short life, but this one is straight out of Green Acres!

As you all may know, my wife, son and I have been caught in the throes of Christmas influenza. My wife, thank God, seems to be copeing rather well and seems to be able to function just fine. My son and I, on the other hand, are on the mend and are quite well most of the time but about twice a day undergo sudden waves of nausea and all of the other fun things that the dreaded bug brings.

Now Christmas is nigh and we have concerns about actually being able to join our families for the occasion. We have a lot of elderly loved ones whom we would just as soon not give the flu for a present. Though I don't wish to miss Christmas, it won't be so bad for me; I've missed being with family for Christmas before. But I feel bad for my boy and my mother and father....and the relatives whom we rarely see outside of holidays. They are looking forward to seeing us as much as we are looking forward to seeing them and if we can't be there I know they would be as disappointed as we. I pray we can go.

While I have been ill, my wife's truck decided to take it's holiday early. Apparently a new starter and, perhaps a new alternator, is needed. Not a large task in and of itself, except for the starter which I have never played with before. No problem! My father is a master of the best. So he and my step-mother come over the other night to visit. I bundle up as warm as I can and my father and I go outside in the blowing wind and ankle deep snow to take a look at the truck. Soon it's late and Dad says that he will return earlier tomorrow with the necessary stuff.

Tomorrow arrives and he calls and says that he and my step-mother are both sick as dogs! They both must have caught it at my place the night before.

Now everybody is sick....and the truck don't run!

Then I try and make myself and my son some tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. I turned the soup up real high so that it would heat quicker and then I intended to reduce to simmer while the two sandwiches finished up. Now is the time that the dreaded bug rears it's ugly head and I am stricken with a momentary to the bathroom. Meanwhile sandwiches are incinerated and tomato soup is scorched and beginning to solidify in the bottom of the pan. I never claimed to be Emeril.

When I return from the wash room (with freshly scrubbed hands, of course), I have to throw out dinner and start the process all over again....wishing all the while that I could just lay down and rest my back. My back is especially murder during such occasions.

Finally dinner is done, prayers are said and we dig in......two bites later Ronnie says his belly is full! A full bowl of soup and a sandwich with two bites missing sit on the table before him. All I can do is slap my forehead and run my hand down my face like Edgar Kennedy used to do. I normally would see to it that he ate even if I had to use a ramrod, but I was exhausted and the last thing I wanted to do was follow him around with a pail all night. So another half a can of soup went down the drain.

I hope kitty likes grilled cheese.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Rough Couple Of Days

It was heck, but I am back now to walk amongst my fellows....but not too closely. I don't want them to get sick.

I have never had such an insidious strain of the flu before. It was horrible. Blechh!

But I am back now and despite the splitting headache, I hope to be getting back to speed presently.

Now I can begin to give to you, dear readers, what you have all been clamoring Just kidding. If that was funny, you may call it wit. If it wasn't......I'm still delirious with illness.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Appolagies to everyone....

Most likely for the next couple of days Red Falcon will not be able to post anything, due to the stomach flu. He will be back as soon as possible.

Red Falcons Wife.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

And Now For Some Good News From The Army...

After yesterday's rant, that incidentally left me feeling queezy and disloyal, I have some news that hits close to home. Two battalions from my old Regiment, the 325th AIR is now back in Iraq.

Break some heads and take care of each other guys! LET'S GO!!!

No Combat Jump, But 82nd Airborne Back in Iraq
Airborne troops return, ready to face a new mission, a new enemy and new challenges.

By U.S. Army Pfc. Mike Pryor
82nd Airborne Division
BAGHDAD, Iraq, Dec. 13, 2004 — When Operation Iraqi Freedom began in March 2003, the 82nd Airborne Division was there. Now, almost two years later, with a new mission, a new enemy, and new challenges to face, the 82nd is back in Iraq and ready for action.

More than 1,500 paratroopers from two battalions of the 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, the 82nd's Division-Ready Brigade, and other slice elements began deploying to Iraq from Fort Bragg, N.C. on Dec. 3, only days after receiving a deployment order. The first paratroopers arrived at Baghdad International Airport on Dec. 4.

The 82nd's mission in Iraq is to augment U.S. Army forces providing security for the country's upcoming democratic elections. The 3rd Battalion is attached to the 1st Cavalry Division's 3rd Brigade Combat Team. The 2nd Battalion is attached to the 10th Mountain Division's 2nd Brigade Combat Team.

Historically, the 82nd's mission has been to deploy rapidly, seize enemy territory by parachute assault, fight and win. While its current mission in Iraq is different, the division's paratroopers are up for any challenge, said Lt. Col. Thomas Hiebert, commander of 3rd Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment.

"(The Army) expects its leaders to be able to execute all sorts of missions from offensive combat operations, to stability and support, to security operations. And I don't know anybody better qualified to do that than our paratroopers," Hiebert said.

"They understand their significance in the greater scheme of things. They know darn well why they're here. And they are completely, totally, without a doubt, ready for anything," he said.

The paratroopers of 3rd Battalion, the majority of who are combat veterans, said their commander's confidence wasn't misplaced.

"All our leaders are seasoned guys, and I know they're going to take care of their men. Whatever the mission is, I know we're going to get it done," said Staff Sgt. Jereme Ayers, a squad leader with 3rd Battalion’s Company A. He served with the 325th during its previous year-long deployment to Iraq from February 2003 to February 2004.

This will be the first combat experience for some of the battalion's younger paratroopers. Most expressed enthusiasm at the chance to serve.

"I feel like I'm actually doing what I'm supposed to be doing now. I'm glad to help out my country," said Pfc. Max Anduze, of Headquarters Company.

Not every paratrooper had such philosophical reasons for their excitement.

"I'm happy to be here - I need the money,” said Spc. Phillip Freeman from Company B, 307th Engineer Battalion. “I hope we stay for a year so I can refill my bank account."

Whatever their reasons for coming, some 1st Cavalry Division soldiers are just glad the 82nd's paratroopers are here now.

"We're all definitely glad to have the eighty-deuce here," said Capt. Patrick Blankenship, logistics officer with the First Team’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team. "They're the All-Americans."

The Joys Of Having A Son

Very few things in this world can boost a guy's self esteem like having his son, a small mirror image of himself, follow him around and try and emulate all of the small things the guy does. Is it a man's vanity? Perhaps the illusion of immortality, the sense that one will go on and on? I don't think so. I think it's because a guy gets a sense of really mattering. That what he is or does makes a dent somewhere in life.

My son does that with me. I can't begin to describe what a big kick I get out of it. Last night, I noticed that he kept running his hand through his hair. Slowly at first..then he started pushing his bangs back faster and faster. Then he got up and disappeared into the bedroom. When he came back, he had a pocket comb, one of those little black "unbreakable" jobs. He then proceeded to comb his hair back furiously.

What is he doing? I thought to myself. Goofy kid.

Then he comes over to me and says that it won't stay back. What is it? AH! he's trying to comb his bangs back off his face and they keep flopping forward.

I go get my hair tonic and rub a little in his hair and comb it back for him...then he went and stood in front of the mirror in the bedroom for a while, grinning. He he.

Well, his last Christmas present arrived in the mail we have to wrap it up yet.

It is a present that he saw in one of those junk mail import catalogues that always come in the mail with the correct address but the wrong name on it. Momma was looking through it and Ronnie was on her lap; he saw it and went nuts so she ordered it.

What was it you ask? A toy shaving kit LOL.

I always shave with the bathroom door open so the mirror doesn't fog up (I always shave after a hot shower), and he is usually right there watching daddy go through the ritual. He thinks it's funny that I "paint" my face white with that silly brush. Sometimes I'll take the brush and give him a few swipes across the mouth with it so he can run around the house saying "See Mommy!"

So now he can pretend that he is doing what daddy does when he is "cleaning" the hair off his face.

I just hope he doesn't decide to do all the STUPID things I've done!!! In that case imitation is the surest way to do lots of push-ups and flutter kicks!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Don't Ask Me

When I was a young Paratrooper, we had a saying:

"There's the 82nd Airborne Division.....and then there's the rest of the Army."

So don't ask me what's going on with the Army...I don't know. I never worked with them.

I can't believe what a bunch of sniveling, pansy brats the United States Army is coming off as in the media. Some of it is media....a lot of it is the fault of the Army. Or at least a product of the Army's social engineering.

All of the crap in the news about whole units mutinying, soldiers deserting, guardsmen pissing and moaning to the SECDEF about their equipment instead of remaining in the chain of command....and then the media made perception that the Marine corps is doing the lions share of the fighting. Where is the Army's PR team? and now there is talk about putting females in combat roles. Hell, if that happens, my son won't have to be a infantryman. There will be plenty of women to go and get their ovaries blown all over a battlefield instead. We'll be a nation of people who send their daughters to fight for them.....won't that be grand.

I rarely swear on this blog, but this shit is embarrassing. Truly embarrassing!!!

These soldiers know better...where is the discipline from years gone by?

My only real suggestion to fix the problem immediately is to stop sending reservists and guardsmen to fight a war. Keep them at home doing administrative things and expand the regular Army to 14 or 15 divisions. Oh, and stop trying to make soldiers happy. It's ultimately an impossible task and it only softens up soldiers who are supposed to be hard. Let's get back to basics on this!

End of rant.


Okay, I just re-read that and it seemed a bit condemning of a lot of great soldiers who are kicking butt over there and at home without getting any glory. This is not my intent.

I am trying, apparently miserably, to vent my spleen over a bunch of high ranking fat heads who are social engineering the Army into impotence...a subject that I have ranted on before. Oh well.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

A Huge Honor

I feel like a AAA ballplayer being called up to the majors. Mr Minority is going to be away on business this week and he has kindly entrusted me with the run of his very tight ship over there. So starting tomorrow I will be posting a daily topical opinion piece on his site as well as something over here.

I hope I can measure up to his usual outstanding stuff.

Nice Work If You Can Get It

Bernard Goetz, one of my childhood heroes, is finding work on the big screen these days.

Goetz, who hosed four creeps in a New York City subway station when they assaulted him and tried to mug him, runs his own business and has even run for the office of Mayor of NYC. Now he is taking on roles both on and off screen for a couple of films.

Of course, the article belabors the point that they are low budget films and that he uses (gasp) guns in those films. Kind of catty, since big-league liberal actors put food on their tables using guns everyday, but to be expected since the media is threatened by people who refuse to be pushed around by criminals.

Just goes to show you that even as bad as things have gotten in this country, good things can happen to those that stand up for themselves.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Some People Are So Stupid It's Frightening

A 10 year old girl was hauled away from school in handcuffs by police the other day.

Was she brandishing a deadly weapon? Was she inflicting grievous bodily harm on her schoolmates and/or teachers? Did she have illegal narcotics or drug paraphenalia? No.

She had a pair of scissors in her desk.

Granted, the school where this little girl attends has a problem with discipline. I will not argue that. Plenty of schools do.

But what the school officials and the local police have done is not only frightening, it is evil. What is this child to think next time she has to go with her mother and buy school supplies? Is that wooden ruler with the metal edge going to get her thrown in the jug again? "No thanks mom, I don't want a pencil pencils can easily pierce an eye or a jugular vein." Is this hard cover textbook heavy and hard enough to potentially raise a lump on someone's noggin?

She was released after police decided that she had commited no crime (mighty generous of them...), but school officials have suspended her and will soon meet to decide whether or not she should be sent to a school for problem children.

I'm sorry, but this is quite possibly the stupidest thing that I have heard coming out of the news in a long, ponderous catalogue of stupid things in regard to the liberal vision of American education.

Scaring a child senseless and packing her off to jail, then potentially sending her to hobknob with the real riff-raff because she had a pair of scissors in her school desk! These people ought to be ashamed of themselves. They are nothing but bullies. What can be more cowardly than to scare small children just because you can?

A big Ass-Kicking is in order.

Friday, December 10, 2004

The Good Things In Life

Today has been a markedly good day. After the string of stinkers that I have had earlier this week I would say that I'm on the ball as of now.

No stressful events have transpired and the boy did well with his teacher today, so his parents must be doing it right...LOL.

It's cold outside but it's great from where I'm sitting. I have a good cup of java, a deck of squares and I'm snuggled up to the record player. The joyful sounds of the big bands are permeating the atmosphere, filling every corner of the house with great old numbers like Vaughn Monroe's There I Go, Larry Clinton and his orchestra with Bea Wayne singing Heart And Soul, Tommy Dorsey's ClamBake Seven's The Music Goes Round And Round, Glenn Miller and his orchestra with Ray Eberle singing Sierra Sue and Fats Waller's All My Life.

It's great to be able to kick back and listen to music the way it used to be....truly great. Like I said to my wife the other night while watching a special on Betty Hutton on Turner Movie Classics, they don't make 'em like they used to. I said more than I thought I was saying at the time. The songs, the bands that played them and the singers that sang them. The movies, the cars, the clothes. The snappy line of patter that made Americans different. The rugged determination to succeed against all odds that made Americans better. The good things in life.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

What A Day!

I had myself a day yesterday, alrighty. I had scanned my machine for viruses the night before and found a few questionable files. So I deleted them, natch. When I tried turning on the puter yesterday all that would happen was that my desktop pic would come up. No icons, no tool bar, nada.

Oh yeah. There was this one cute prompt coming up from Windows telling me that certain drivers were unavailable and that I should click "OK" to cancel the application or somesuch.

I waited without clicking...nothing. I couldn't even turn the machine off so I had to hold the start button down til it shut off. Now I turn it on again and go through the whole start up song and dance only this time I DO click OK on the prompt. I wait. And wait. And wait. No soap either.

By this time i'm having withdrawls because I can't check my blog or my emails. Cold sweats, things crawling on the walls, trembles, the moon was black as sack cloth, wars and rumors of wars, plagues of locusts, Republicans and Democrats partying was almost biblical.

On top of this, the tail lights on the wife's truck won't work. We had this trouble before and I was gouged eighty-five bones to have them disassemble the steering column and have it fixed.

But just in case it was something more simple, I tell the wife just to check the fuse under the dash. Sher does and says it's good. Well that's the end of my ideas, so naturally I go and check the fuse too. It looks brand new.

My brother brings his stuff over and we start ringing out the bundles of wires under the dash; hoping against hope that we can find the problem in an exposed area.We even call Dad on his cell phone for ideas...maybe he has a Chilton's manual or something. He asks us if we checked the fuse. Then Brian stops and asks me "Did you check the fuses?"

I tell him that they were checked and double checked. So naturally he gives me the all knowing eye and checks them again. Everything is jake with the fuses as far as he is concerned. But we stay out in that bitter cold, rainy, windy weather looking vainly for a short or a loose wire.

Finally out of desperation Brian gets out some extra fuses, selects the appropriate one and replaces the one in the fuse box under the dash. LO AND BEHOLD......THE TAIL LIGHTS FLASH TO LIFE!!!

After a few choice expletives, I say "Don't look at checked them too!" We agreed to tell Dad that it was a loose connector. There is NO way we were telling him it was a fuse after all of that. Dad already thinks I'm a knucklehead, no point in adding wood to that particular blaze.

So the wife gets home from work, I tell her the computer is broken, and she sits down at it and has it running in no time.

Me? I'm checking into a support group for the utterly incompetent if I can manage to follow the directions that were given over the phone!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Just Stuff

My good friend ChuloChops sends me this. What are people thinking??? I can't believe that people are bidding such money on these things. I firmly believe that you could pee in a bottle and sell it on Ebay as mouthwash. Old Mister Barnum seems to have been more correct than even he knew; there is one born every minute!


Said shade and it's favorite cane have been purchased for 65 large, establishing the all time best rooking since Manhattan was traded for some small shiney things! As Ripley would say....believe it or not!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Having Trouble here.

Do any of you see my other posts? Or is it just me? I'm also not seeing some images. Oh God please don't let my work be gone!

Friday, December 03, 2004

Why Is Canada So Snotty

My little brother is in the same line of work that I was in, he's a machine tool electrician. A machine tool electrician works in a job shop, his sole function is to put that spark of life into the machine tools that factories use to build automobiles and outboard motors for yachts. Champfers, welding robots, conveyor belts, rotating tables, electrified monorail, junction boxes and panels. All of these things and a zillion more are the meat of the machine tool electrician.

Once the job shop completes these amazing prodigies of modern automation, they taken apart into sections and shipped to the plants that contracted for them. General motors, Ford, John get the idea.

Once these tools reach their destination, a contingent of people from the job shop usually goes along to put it back together. This is called field work. Usually, engineers, electricians and builders will go out and perform maintenance on tools that had been purchased some time ago.
This is called service work.

My brother is a great machine tool electrician; much better than I ever was. He is sent out regularly to all corners of the United States on service. He's spent months in Mexico on service. He's even gone to Canada regularly. We build a lot of machine tools for Canadian companies.

Last night he got his paperwork in order because he was to go up there for the day on service today. It's only a short drive across the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit.

Well things didn't work out as they should have. He and his fellow worker were stopped at the border and asked why they were crossing, as is customary. When they told the agent that they were coming across to do service work for a client, they were denied access. The reason given was that it violated NAFTA (Don't ask me how) and that they would be stealing jobs away from Canadian workers. If this was so...then why did the Canadian company do business with that particular American job shop in the first place??? Because the Canadians don't build those products!

How childish can a country collectively be?

I'm sick of how we bend over and kiss the asses of countries like Canada while they crap on us every time they get the yen to squat.

If the Canadians are so damned worried about the job security of their should we. Let's all be petty. I like petty. First we round up all Canadian citizens in the American entertainment industry and ship them back up north. Let's see them get fat off of purely Canadian audiences. It won't happen....that's why they all come down here. I won't miss them. All they do is make money off of us and then trash our ways of doing things anyway so let's cast the snakes from our bosom.

Then we stop importing Canadian products...all two of them. After all, every LaBatt's Blue you guzzle is depriving American brewers of dollars.

We can just close down our borders all-together. Why not? No more blue hairs streaming across the border on charter buses to play bingo!

I know this is silly. It's really all hyperbole. My point is Canada had better start thinking long and hard about who her best friend is. Not to rub her face in it....but Canada would dry up and blow away without the benevolence of us evil Americans.

And I know that NOT all Canadians are so vitriolic towards us. I'm speaking of the Countries general attitude in regard to us, not of the individual canadians that are still friendly.


I spoke to my brother to clarify some of the finer points and these are the facts as he gave them to me....

1.) It was not a border guard but rather an emigration official to whom they were handed over by the customs people.
2.) After leaving them for an hour, this emigration official returned and told them that it was a violation of NAFTA to allow them through since their paperwork said that it was a rented machine that they were going to tear down. She did not bother to explain why it was perfectly okay to let employees in from the same company to put that machine together in the first place nor did she cite any particular NAFTA regulations to them.
3.) My brother and his co-worker were then advised that if they protested the decision or chellenged it officially they would be barred from entry into Canada for one year.
4.) They then had to sign papers so they could be released back across the border.

Take this stuff for what it's worth.....I think it's humiliating to honest workers and frightening. They were treated like criminals for absolutely no reason at all except for sheer petulance.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Things That Disturb Me

I often forego reading news items because of things like this.

And before you ask....yes, I am a prude. I am old-fashioned and I am closed-minded. Especially when it comes to someone trifling with an innocent person's life.

How does a woman deciding to have a child by herself trifle with an innocent person's life?

Think about that child growing up without ever knowing his father. Not because of an outside influence that cannot be controlled but because a selfish woman had no room in her life besides a career and her own needs. God forbid the child should become an encumbrance to her in the future.

If the woman in question had devoted half as much time to cultivating a relationship with a man as she did circumventing nature's laws in order to have this child, her son would have benefited from having a mother and a father in his life. For good or ill, at least he would have had a shot. Now an arbitrary decision by his mother has stolen things from him that a single parent can never give back; no matter how well meaning.

Soon those of us with values will be quaint anachronisms. This is what disturbs me. I'm not disturbed for our sake, but for those that have no values.