Monday, December 13, 2004

Don't Ask Me

When I was a young Paratrooper, we had a saying:

"There's the 82nd Airborne Division.....and then there's the rest of the Army."

So don't ask me what's going on with the Army...I don't know. I never worked with them.

I can't believe what a bunch of sniveling, pansy brats the United States Army is coming off as in the media. Some of it is media....a lot of it is the fault of the Army. Or at least a product of the Army's social engineering.

All of the crap in the news about whole units mutinying, soldiers deserting, guardsmen pissing and moaning to the SECDEF about their equipment instead of remaining in the chain of command....and then the media made perception that the Marine corps is doing the lions share of the fighting. Where is the Army's PR team? and now there is talk about putting females in combat roles. Hell, if that happens, my son won't have to be a infantryman. There will be plenty of women to go and get their ovaries blown all over a battlefield instead. We'll be a nation of people who send their daughters to fight for them.....won't that be grand.

I rarely swear on this blog, but this shit is embarrassing. Truly embarrassing!!!

These soldiers know better...where is the discipline from years gone by?

My only real suggestion to fix the problem immediately is to stop sending reservists and guardsmen to fight a war. Keep them at home doing administrative things and expand the regular Army to 14 or 15 divisions. Oh, and stop trying to make soldiers happy. It's ultimately an impossible task and it only softens up soldiers who are supposed to be hard. Let's get back to basics on this!

End of rant.


Okay, I just re-read that and it seemed a bit condemning of a lot of great soldiers who are kicking butt over there and at home without getting any glory. This is not my intent.

I am trying, apparently miserably, to vent my spleen over a bunch of high ranking fat heads who are social engineering the Army into impotence...a subject that I have ranted on before. Oh well.