Friday, December 24, 2004

If Only I could....

...Give a special gift to every person who has blessed my life since I started this crazy blogging thing, but alas I can't.

They say that it's the thought that counts, so perhaps I can express my deep and profound thanks and a fervant wish for a happy Christmas to all of my friends here in the blogosphere and it might, in some small way, serve instead.

Toke, Mr Minority, Humble Devildog, Guy S., Bonfire, Wallace, Christopher, Beth, Mike, MommaMontezz, Steve, Steve, Chase, Kyer, Christian, Pat in NC, Rebel Rouser, SGT V., Jumper208, CAL, Ripcord, Recon, Sticky, Jen, ParaCowboy......and everyone who I didn't mention by name (There are so many of you, God be thanked!)

May you have the happiest Christmas of your lives. May God bless you and your families that you should know happiness, health and safety all of your years. May prosperity and peace through Christ reign in your homes....and in your hearts.

And to our servicemen at home and abroad, I pray the soldier's prayer....that you fight honorably until your objective of peace is realized. I thank you for the sacrafices you make. I thank you for giving your all so that most Americans will never fully know what it means to be at war...this is your gift to us, and we are all thankful. God Bless You And Keep You. God comfort the families you left behind. I pray that you all may know some small, quiet time this season where you can celebrate the birth of our Lord in peace with your brothers and sisters in arms.

Thank you all and merry Christmas!