Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Joys Of Having A Son

Very few things in this world can boost a guy's self esteem like having his son, a small mirror image of himself, follow him around and try and emulate all of the small things the guy does. Is it a man's vanity? Perhaps the illusion of immortality, the sense that one will go on and on? I don't think so. I think it's because a guy gets a sense of really mattering. That what he is or does makes a dent somewhere in life.

My son does that with me. I can't begin to describe what a big kick I get out of it. Last night, I noticed that he kept running his hand through his hair. Slowly at first..then he started pushing his bangs back faster and faster. Then he got up and disappeared into the bedroom. When he came back, he had a pocket comb, one of those little black "unbreakable" jobs. He then proceeded to comb his hair back furiously.

What is he doing? I thought to myself. Goofy kid.

Then he comes over to me and says that it won't stay back. What is it? AH! he's trying to comb his bangs back off his face and they keep flopping forward.

I go get my hair tonic and rub a little in his hair and comb it back for him...then he went and stood in front of the mirror in the bedroom for a while, grinning. He he.

Well, his last Christmas present arrived in the mail today....so we have to wrap it up yet.

It is a present that he saw in one of those junk mail import catalogues that always come in the mail with the correct address but the wrong name on it. Momma was looking through it and Ronnie was on her lap; he saw it and went nuts so she ordered it.

What was it you ask? A toy shaving kit LOL.

I always shave with the bathroom door open so the mirror doesn't fog up (I always shave after a hot shower), and he is usually right there watching daddy go through the ritual. He thinks it's funny that I "paint" my face white with that silly brush. Sometimes I'll take the brush and give him a few swipes across the mouth with it so he can run around the house saying "See Mommy!"

So now he can pretend that he is doing what daddy does when he is "cleaning" the hair off his face.

I just hope he doesn't decide to do all the STUPID things I've done!!! In that case imitation is the surest way to do lots of push-ups and flutter kicks!