Sunday, December 12, 2004

Nice Work If You Can Get It

Bernard Goetz, one of my childhood heroes, is finding work on the big screen these days.

Goetz, who hosed four creeps in a New York City subway station when they assaulted him and tried to mug him, runs his own business and has even run for the office of Mayor of NYC. Now he is taking on roles both on and off screen for a couple of films.

Of course, the article belabors the point that they are low budget films and that he uses (gasp) guns in those films. Kind of catty, since big-league liberal actors put food on their tables using guns everyday, but to be expected since the media is threatened by people who refuse to be pushed around by criminals.

Just goes to show you that even as bad as things have gotten in this country, good things can happen to those that stand up for themselves.