Saturday, December 11, 2004

Some People Are So Stupid It's Frightening

A 10 year old girl was hauled away from school in handcuffs by police the other day.

Was she brandishing a deadly weapon? Was she inflicting grievous bodily harm on her schoolmates and/or teachers? Did she have illegal narcotics or drug paraphenalia? No.

She had a pair of scissors in her desk.

Granted, the school where this little girl attends has a problem with discipline. I will not argue that. Plenty of schools do.

But what the school officials and the local police have done is not only frightening, it is evil. What is this child to think next time she has to go with her mother and buy school supplies? Is that wooden ruler with the metal edge going to get her thrown in the jug again? "No thanks mom, I don't want a pencil pencils can easily pierce an eye or a jugular vein." Is this hard cover textbook heavy and hard enough to potentially raise a lump on someone's noggin?

She was released after police decided that she had commited no crime (mighty generous of them...), but school officials have suspended her and will soon meet to decide whether or not she should be sent to a school for problem children.

I'm sorry, but this is quite possibly the stupidest thing that I have heard coming out of the news in a long, ponderous catalogue of stupid things in regard to the liberal vision of American education.

Scaring a child senseless and packing her off to jail, then potentially sending her to hobknob with the real riff-raff because she had a pair of scissors in her school desk! These people ought to be ashamed of themselves. They are nothing but bullies. What can be more cowardly than to scare small children just because you can?

A big Ass-Kicking is in order.