Thursday, December 02, 2004

Things That Disturb Me

I often forego reading news items because of things like this.

And before you ask....yes, I am a prude. I am old-fashioned and I am closed-minded. Especially when it comes to someone trifling with an innocent person's life.

How does a woman deciding to have a child by herself trifle with an innocent person's life?

Think about that child growing up without ever knowing his father. Not because of an outside influence that cannot be controlled but because a selfish woman had no room in her life besides a career and her own needs. God forbid the child should become an encumbrance to her in the future.

If the woman in question had devoted half as much time to cultivating a relationship with a man as she did circumventing nature's laws in order to have this child, her son would have benefited from having a mother and a father in his life. For good or ill, at least he would have had a shot. Now an arbitrary decision by his mother has stolen things from him that a single parent can never give back; no matter how well meaning.

Soon those of us with values will be quaint anachronisms. This is what disturbs me. I'm not disturbed for our sake, but for those that have no values.