Wednesday, December 08, 2004

What A Day!

I had myself a day yesterday, alrighty. I had scanned my machine for viruses the night before and found a few questionable files. So I deleted them, natch. When I tried turning on the puter yesterday all that would happen was that my desktop pic would come up. No icons, no tool bar, nada.

Oh yeah. There was this one cute prompt coming up from Windows telling me that certain drivers were unavailable and that I should click "OK" to cancel the application or somesuch.

I waited without clicking...nothing. I couldn't even turn the machine off so I had to hold the start button down til it shut off. Now I turn it on again and go through the whole start up song and dance only this time I DO click OK on the prompt. I wait. And wait. And wait. No soap either.

By this time i'm having withdrawls because I can't check my blog or my emails. Cold sweats, things crawling on the walls, trembles, the moon was black as sack cloth, wars and rumors of wars, plagues of locusts, Republicans and Democrats partying was almost biblical.

On top of this, the tail lights on the wife's truck won't work. We had this trouble before and I was gouged eighty-five bones to have them disassemble the steering column and have it fixed.

But just in case it was something more simple, I tell the wife just to check the fuse under the dash. Sher does and says it's good. Well that's the end of my ideas, so naturally I go and check the fuse too. It looks brand new.

My brother brings his stuff over and we start ringing out the bundles of wires under the dash; hoping against hope that we can find the problem in an exposed area.We even call Dad on his cell phone for ideas...maybe he has a Chilton's manual or something. He asks us if we checked the fuse. Then Brian stops and asks me "Did you check the fuses?"

I tell him that they were checked and double checked. So naturally he gives me the all knowing eye and checks them again. Everything is jake with the fuses as far as he is concerned. But we stay out in that bitter cold, rainy, windy weather looking vainly for a short or a loose wire.

Finally out of desperation Brian gets out some extra fuses, selects the appropriate one and replaces the one in the fuse box under the dash. LO AND BEHOLD......THE TAIL LIGHTS FLASH TO LIFE!!!

After a few choice expletives, I say "Don't look at checked them too!" We agreed to tell Dad that it was a loose connector. There is NO way we were telling him it was a fuse after all of that. Dad already thinks I'm a knucklehead, no point in adding wood to that particular blaze.

So the wife gets home from work, I tell her the computer is broken, and she sits down at it and has it running in no time.

Me? I'm checking into a support group for the utterly incompetent if I can manage to follow the directions that were given over the phone!