Thursday, January 13, 2005

A Bastion Of Truth?

A Georgia school district has been ordered, by a judge, that it must remove stickers from it's science textbooks which remind the students that Evolution is a theory and should be studied with an open mind.

What in the world is wrong with calling the theory of evolution a theory? That is exactly what it is....a theory; no matter how many teachers forego the opportunity to apprise their pupils of the fact.

The stickers were ordered removed from textbooks because of complaints that the reminders were pushing a religious objective. Creationism is unacceptable to some people, yet they readily embrace evolution which is even less provable, scientifically speaking. It might even be said that evolution has to be taken on faith. If so, are the complaining parties merely trading one religion for another?

What it all boils down to is that a very vocal minority is trying to impose it's own belief system on the silent majority. They are enlightened...smarter than the rest of us. therefore they know best what our children should be taught. If that means masking the theory of evolution as fact and gagging anyone who attempts to remind us that it is only a theory, then so be it!

Children used to attend school to learn facts....truths. So they could think and reason analytically. Now they are spoon fed only approved ideas....the rest is avoided at the terrible cost of integrity.