Friday, January 07, 2005

The German Shepard

The lil Mrs. goes out last night to get some things at the store and she comes back with a German Shepard pup. This thing is as big as a shetland pony and was obviously well groomed. Somebody loved this beautiful animal but the wife nearly hit it with the truck out on the dark snowy it came home with her, natch!

I freaked at first, but then realized she was right...she couldn't just leave it out running these unlit backroads. That's how our Black Lab was killed.

I did warn her however that she shouldn't get attached as it was obviously a purebred and therefore a very expensive pup....not something the owner is going to shrug off.

Aside from a few icecicles clinging to his fur, he didn't show signs of being outside very long. As a matter of fact he didn't even have that German Shepard smell! He was an inside dog and pretty well pampered.

I do admit that I took to him myself, which is unusual. I don't usually cotton to other people's dogs. And that deep, sonorous woofing he let out in the middle of the night when he heard something outside was very comforting. I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I was halfway hoping we wouldn't be able to find the owner, then we could name him and take him in as one of the family.

But that was not to be. We went and hung out signs this afternoon on street corners and at the local grocery stores and gas stations stating we had found a German Shepard. As soon as we get back, an excited sounding man calls up asking if the dog was a male with a red collar. We said yes and he was over in 5 minutes to pick up his baby. He was very happy and turned a bit white when the wife explained that she almost hit him in the dark. He then explained that he had let the dog out to do it's business after dark when it just kept on going and wouldn't answer his calls.

I'm glad the fellow got his dog back. He really was a beautiful and good natured pup. Now Ronnie wants to know why his doggie had to go! I guess I see a new puppy somewhere in the near future. Good thing the in-laws breed German Shepards!LOL.