Monday, January 17, 2005

Just Stuff

Nothing much going on here at the moment as far as it affects me. My sister, on the other hand, totaled her new car. She has a cracked rib which I am sure is quite painful, but other than that everything is fine. We thank the Lord for that.

I've been out in the cold trying to get her old car running...the hardest part was just getting the hood up! It's so cold that it was frozen solid.

We had a poker party this last weekend. My brother and some of our old friends were over, one of which I had not talked to since my wedding day ten years ago. No great sums changed hands as it was merely nickle-dime stuff with a fifty cent ante. I still had a couple of nickles when the evening was concluded. Lot's of laughs were had by all.

I've also been hearing alot of how Indonesia is asking our aidworkers and military to leave their country as soon as possible. How cheeky! They might as well say "Hurry up and give us the stuff and get the hell out!"

Part of me wants to see us just take our ball and go home....let them try and get through their troubles without the benefit of any help from us "Stingy Americans."

But then, we aren't there to be popular. We are there because it's the right thing to do. We are there because nobody else can provide the kind of help that we stingy Americans can provide. People are in dire trouble over there and it wouldn't be right to sit back and let them suffer because their misguided and foolish government is trying to hedge it's bets. We are also there because it's in our best interest to help. An unstable Asia is something that we do not need right's strategically advantageous for us to swallow our pride and do our best to help.

We are Americans, that's what we do; we help those who need it. For better or for worse, we do what needs to be done...or at least try. If it wins us no friends in the long run, so be it. Heal them up now....and kick the hell out of them later. We are Americans, your best friend or your worst nightmare.