Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Why Is This News?

While reading this, a story about a top Al Qaeda lieutenant being captured in Iraq, about halfway down the column I see that the story abruptly switches tracks and starts relating the facts about some fatalities of a military accident in Iraq.

Is it news-worthy because there were American deaths or was it news-worthy because of where it happened? I highly doubt that the tragic deaths are news-worthy simply because there were tragic deaths involved. We never hear any national news items about Americans dying in accidents in London or Paris. I suspect that the accident's happening in Iraq was what made it news-worthy.

It is plain to see that this is yet another example of how the media manipulates our emotions by spoon-feeding us selected bits of data. What they say is that some soldiers died in an accident in Iraq.....our conditioned response is OH DEAR! MORE AMERICANS ARE DEAD IN IRAQ!!!

What a quagmire, huh?

Pretty tricky, but still not really news...except for their friends and family. Why don't the MSM show a little respect and stop using their deaths as political pawns? Yes, their deaths are tragic and regrettable, but the media attention lavished on those deaths are out of all proportion to the attention payed to Americans dying in accidents anywhere else in the world.

There is so much good being accomplished in that country right now that it boggles the mind how little is being disseminated to the American public. The MSM can't be bothered with it...they have dead soldiers to play politics with. History is going to judge the Main Stream Media harshly. They are the yellow journalists of the 21st century.