Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Wrong Side Of History

My condolences to all of you who didn't want to see the United States invade Iraq. Those of you who said that we were fighting an immoral war have my deepest sympathies right now.

It must be a real heart-break to you socialists who wanted all of those Arabs to continue living under the darkest of despair and the cruelest of oppression. You screeched and wailed, you protested and screamed; slander and lies were your weapons. You pulled out all the stops to keep your favorite Middle Eastern dictator in charge of Iraq; You did everything you could to keep those shredders running and those rape rooms occupied.

Yet it wasn't to be. Decency marched in wearing desert camoflauge and kevlar helmets; and saved the day.

The Iraqi people are using their newly-won voices today. Voices that have been muted for half a century. They are deciding who their own leaders will be. No, it will not be a perfect government to begin with. It will be flawed....and you will do your best to point these flaws out. But they will need to experience growth pains, they will need to make mistakes...that's how young democracies learn. We are well over two hundred years old and we are still learning so why wouldn't they make some mistakes. It's a learning process and it's an earning process. The dignity of freedom is not something that can be recieved from must be earned. Ultimately the Iraqi people will have to work and work hard for that dignity; and they will achieve it! The coalition has provided them with a chance and they are using it to the fullest.

You nay-sayers are yet again on the wrong side of history. You value your own liberty, but begrudge it of others. As long as you fail to pull for the other guy when he is in trouble you will always be on the wrong side of history, and I feel sorry for you.