Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I'm Back And Well Rested

After a month long hiatus, I am now ready to carry on with my mindless scribblings. I just needed to take a break for a while, I had a lot on my plate and I found that I would just stare at my little monitor screen and blank out. I didn't know what to write, as if I had somehow forgotten how. I'm sure you have all experienced this.

Anyway, I am back...and that is what is important. Right? Anybody?

I bought an evil black "assault rifle" a few days ago. It hasn't hopped up and started slaughtering anybody of it's own accord yet. I'm sure a few people out there would be positively scandalized to hear it. But it's the truth.

Aside from that, nothing is new here except for the ton of snow that has been steadily descending on my part of the world since last night. I hope everyone else is fine and dandy.