Saturday, March 26, 2005

What Else Can Be Said?

I haven't been blogging as often as I would like, mainly because I wanted to steer away from politics. But I haven't found anything suitable to replace it with. Thus, my blogging rut.

I have also tried to steer clear of controversial subjects because, quite frankly, I lack the talent to competently translate how I feel into written words. There are so many others who do that much better than I.

But I feel I must record how I feel about the Terri Schiavo case that has so many in an uproar....that is the purpose, after all, of having a web

As far as I can tell from gleaning the daily news items, we have a man of unquestioned infidelity who has done all he could to prevent his unfortunate wife from having a better quality of life. It is reported that he even prevented her from having physical therapy. This is an outrage and before this case came up, would have resulted in his being investigated by the law.

Now, he wants her dead. We have only his say so that she wants to die. But we have others who say she actually said that she wishes to live. I thought that we always choose to err on the side of life. Is not life sacred enough to require us to sustain hope and do all we can to help? Firemen and policemen risk their lives everyday in the hope of saving a life...because life IS precious. Their is no risk of another life here...merely taking care of an unfortunate woman who needs assistance.

This young lady is not going to die unless she is forced to die. Period. Does that not speak for her case? Now she is being starved to death. Her body is actually consuming it's self in the desperate attempt to survive. Apparently she is not prepared to give up the ghost, despite what her husband says.

And what a despicable way to kill off a human being, starvation. Mass murderers are afforded more comfortable deaths than this young lady. And her only crime is being a burden on an uncaring husband.

And it is a who is empowered to judge other men, who has sentenced this woman to die in such a horrible fashion. Apparently, a black robe does not necessarily bestow humanity in a person. The nazis wore black too. And they excelled at liquidating the unwanted and unloved. It seems this judge of men requires a red armband on that robe.