Friday, May 13, 2005

What Do Ya Know About That?

This is via Beth at Yeah, Right, Whatever. She has a great blog and if you have never read it. Every day!

I am:
"You're the perfect sycophant of the Republican elite. Tom DeLay and Karl Rove would be utterly proud of you."

Are You A Republican?

Gee....go figure. And my Vast Right Wing Conspiracy decoder ring hasn't even arrived in the mail yet.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Fish Called Nemo II

HH6 brought home a little fish for the slice element last night. He loves it. He wanted to bring it to bed with him...needless to say that DID not happen.

We already had a little aquarium. It is the former home of the late Nemo I, who went on to his reward after a freak bug-bombing incident last summer. I suppose that is called collateral damage. Anyhow, that is how the present Nemo is a II.

I found a new use for Nemo II this evening. Ronnie decided, yet again, that he had too much going on in his life to stop and eat the dinner that was prepared for him. Normally I make a few demands to chow followed by push-ups if the hunger-strike continues...but tonight I just feigned going to get the fish and flush him down the crapper. That put the fear of God into him!

You never saw a boy eat so much, so quickly....heh heh heh.

Haikus For A Boring Thursday

Well....The warm weather I mentioned the other day has taken a coffee break, but the rain clouds persist in hanging over the house, so I have nothing to do but sit here and shiver.

But my feet are warm.

So I decided to commemerate warm feet with a Haiku.

I love my slippers
They keep my feet toasty warm
Do you have slippers?

I also wrote a haiku which was inspired by an old neighbor of mine.

Fat lady next door
It is so cold outside now
Why all the spandex?

Here is an epic poem inspired by a schoolmate's dog.

Dumb dog yesterday
Ate a ball of knitting yarn
Must buy some pliers.

Truly, the muse is with me today.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

It Aint The Heat....It's The Humidity.

It's definitely getting to feel warm around here lately. Flint was in the 80's this afternoon. VERY NICE!

And to think that just two weeks ago, we had trees tipping over and going roots up because of all the wet, heavy snow weighing them down!

And now we are having low, dark clouds and thunder and lightening. At least last night it was pretty lively. It's still pretty moist and I smell a bit of rain.

That's one thing I love about Michigan....You don't have a chance to get bored with the weather!

Do any of you enjoy adverse weather, rain, snow, storms? I sure do.

Monday, May 09, 2005

The Chinese Joint

Yesterday afternoon, my family all went out to eat for Mother's Day. It's our tradition to go to a Chinese restaurant because Mom likes Chinese food. Who doesn't?

We had a blast. A good time was had by one and all. I must confess having made two trips to the buffet, loving that General Tsoa's chicken as i do, and didn't have the room in my stomach to get some of the Mongolian barbeque. I just had no more room I tell ya!!!! So I had to forego that pleasure.

Toward the end of the meal, Gifts were given to Mom and as she adored each one in it's turn, the pretty little Asian gal who was our waitress came in and atrted oohing and aahing. Then she asked if we were satisfied with our food, did we want anything else....etc, etc.

Then she moved down the table and asked all of the kids if they had enjoyed their food. Then she starts talking to them and laughing with them and saying...."Oh, you are a big old are you?" Then she asks each one in turn a few questions and how old they are. I thought it was cute how she was fawning over these small children.

Soon she was gone and back again...with the check. On it was the price for each kid calibrated by age. She never asked the parents how old the kids were....she went right to the source!

That was wiley and GOTTA respect that!

The Evil Black Rifle (cont.)

Image hosted by
I just thought that I would post a few pics of my latest acquisition.

Sheer boredom, really.

I'm torn between fixing her up with an AimPoint or a Trijicon amber dot site...but I think I'm gonna go with the Trijicon. I like NOT being dependant on batteries.

The Evil Black Rifle

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