Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Fish Called Nemo II

HH6 brought home a little fish for the slice element last night. He loves it. He wanted to bring it to bed with him...needless to say that DID not happen.

We already had a little aquarium. It is the former home of the late Nemo I, who went on to his reward after a freak bug-bombing incident last summer. I suppose that is called collateral damage. Anyhow, that is how the present Nemo is a II.

I found a new use for Nemo II this evening. Ronnie decided, yet again, that he had too much going on in his life to stop and eat the dinner that was prepared for him. Normally I make a few demands to chow followed by push-ups if the hunger-strike continues...but tonight I just feigned going to get the fish and flush him down the crapper. That put the fear of God into him!

You never saw a boy eat so much, so quickly....heh heh heh.