Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Captain Brian Chontosh, USMC

A friend of mine brought this site to my attention and I am glad he did. It raises a very interesting question which has been asked many times before but has yet to be satisfactorily answered. Why are the news media so dead set on seeing the United States fall flat on it's face?

We have been brought story upon story upon story of alleged torturing of detainees at Guantanamo Bay. We've been brought to the brink of madness, self-flagellating over a few pictures of heartless killers being forced to form a naked human pyramid at Abu Ghraib. We've had baseless rumors of Koran descration forced down our throats time and again, the nightly talking heads touting fiction as news. Worst of all are the body counts. The media keeps track of dead G.I's like an aging beauty keeps track of gray hairs.

Where is the good news coming out of Iraq? Tom? Dan? You gleefully show us the bill every night. Why not show us what we are purchasing with the blood of our sons and daughters? Is it not news that the Iraqis can speak about their concerns and not have to worry about being fed into a wood chipper? Is it not news that Iraqi men are no longer held down and forced to watch as their wives and children are sexually violated by madmen on the government payroll?

Is it not news that America has men like Captain Brian Chontosh of the United States Marine Corps?

During the drive on Baghdad, Captain Chontosh and his men came under intense enemy fire. Captain Chontosh then proceeded straight into the enemy guns where he used his own weapons and, eventually, captured enemy weapons to single-handedly dispatch 20 enemy soldiers and wound at least that many more while clearing over 200 yards of trench and taking the heat off his Marines. He earned the Navy Cross for this act. But he deserves the Medal of Honor.

His actions are news enough for any paper or television program. But then, that kind of news doesn't undermine the war effort does it?

And that is what the media is all about.