Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Fan Superstitions

I've never been a superstitious man.....well, except for the teensy fact that I always, ALWAYS had the same maroon beret in my left cargo pocket whenever I jumped from an aircraft. But I digress, I am not a superstitious man.

I have found, however that whenever I watch the Tigers play on television while wearing my Tigers ballcap, they flop in the most humiliating ways. I don't like it when they lose games; pro contra, I like for them to win.

I found have found three ways to help ensure that my team makes a good showing.

1.) Don't watch them.

2.) Wear a Brooklyn Dodgers cap while watching them.

3.) Wear a Detroit Tigers cap and listen to them on the radio.

The former two are admittedly the least desireable of my choices because, primarily, I enjoy baseball and like to feel like I'm a part of it so following games post facto through box scores is out. Secondly, wearing a Dodgers cap while following the Tigers is not only disloyal, it's very much de trop.

My latter choice is ideal. I can be in uniform, so to speak, and follow the game while I am on the computer! It's the daily double! It's a tribute to yankee ingenuity and the American way.