Saturday, June 18, 2005

A Missed Rendezvous

As a veteran of the Airborne, I am a member of a fairly small community. Quite a few of us manage to find each other and correspond one way or another.

I have found that the most satisfying way for me to congregate with my brothers is to meet in an online forum. I do so regularly. Quite regularly, in fact, and am now the chief moderator of that particular forum.

The members of this forum have a yearly gathering, much like the furtrappers and mountainmen of yesteryear had their rendezvous'. Pretty much the same carrousing and sport at each event. Drinking, shooting, drinking, throwing sharp objects, drinking, grappling, drinking, ad nausaeum. This year's gathering was near Nashville, TN and it was arranged months in advance that I would drive down to Indiana, link up with a distinguished member of the forum, and we would drive the rest of the way together.

Alas, life reared it's ugly head, and I was forced to back out and miss the gathering. The Troopers are keeping the less fortunate of us members updated regularly on the forum with commentary, pictures, and even a live feed of the festivities. How they can carry on in the absence of yours truly, the Vita Convivii as it were, is a testament to the stuff these men are made of. Okay, perhaps I am a bit dramatic with that last statement.

I am severly dejected though. I feel like the lonliest mountainman in the wilderness. I've missed my rendezvous.