Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Vlad The Absconder

This story needs to develope a little before a conclusion can be drawn, but so far it looks as if Russian President Vladimir Putin has gotten bored with trying to steal Chechnya and is now heisting jewelry.

Apparently, while on a business trip to Russia, the owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft, let the Russian leader try on his shiny new 2005 Super Bowl ring. The ring then went from Putin's finger to his pocket. Exit stage left.

There is confusion whether it was meant to be a gift (not bloody likely), or that there has been an unfortunate misunderstanding. Kraft has been curiously quiet on the subject. No doubt he is waiting to hear what the official story will be before speaking to the press.

The only word from Moscow on the subject is from an anonymous source whom I shall dub Borschtthroat. He claims that the $15,000 bauble was a gift and that the bent ring is now in a showroom of gifts from foreign nationals. There was no mention of what these other items are or when Vladdy relieved their owners of them.

The ring has probably been recut and sent to a fence for resale. You know what a fence is. It's a legitimate front for crooks to sell their haul. A Russian Front if you will.

There has been no official word, as of yet, from the Russian Grifter-In-Chief.

If you are thinking of wearing your 'spensive jewels to Russia......just say Nyet!