Thursday, July 07, 2005

Evil Day

I must admit that when I went to sleep last night, today had held a lot more promise than what she delivered. Today is my eleventh wedding anniversary. My beautiful bride and I were married in a small-town church on this day in 1994. I came home on leave for the wedding and I had to take the marriage license back to my First-shirt to prove that I wasn't just shamming.

Now I don't feel very much like celebrating. The elation has been sapped from the occasion. Instead of a day of joy I awaken to a day of blood and carnage. Innocent blood.

Our British cousins were attacked by treacherous cowards this day. The cowards did not attack British arms on the field of battle....naturally. They attacked unarmed civilians on their own streets, going about the inoffensive daily activities of a civilised nation which wishes to do nothing more than put food on it's children's plates and perhaps put better rooves over their heads than those they woke up under the week before.

Our British cousins, our friends, our staunch allies, have been bitten by the very vipers they carry at their bosum. This should be very instructive to us here in the United States. I certainly hope it is. Mullahs were allowed to incite this attack there; just as they are allowed to incite such violence here. How many more innocents will we suffer to be ripped apart by explosives before we decide that those who preach hate and violence can not do so with impunity, hiding as they do under cover of free speech; one of the very freedoms they despise and hate us for?

Yes. I am profoundly saddened by what has happened in London. I am outraged. But I am also consoled by the fact that we are not speaking of the French Republic or the Kingdom of Spain. We are, after all is said and done, speaking of the people of Great Britain. They are a hearty and incredibly brave race. Their fabled history speaks for itself. What Bonaparte, Wilhelm II, and Hitler could never do, some cowardly zealots will never, ever be able to do.

For those that go to Britain, seeking to frighten them into submission, they will find bitter weeds in England, indeed!

God bless the United Kingdom and help her people in this time of need.